About Us

Cultured & Craft was born from the idea that with so much care, energy, and ingenuity going into the making of craft beer, there should be an equal amount of creativity, effectiveness and quality in its marketing.

Cultured & Craft is dedicated to developing educated, professional promotional marketing teams available to represent every craft brewery the way they want to be represented.  At C&C we are available for every step of the process, including craft beer training programs, providing high quality promotional staffing, event planning and productions, and full marketing analysis and consulting. 

Cultured & Craft Productions offers everything a brewery needs to advance their brand while maintaining the high standards they were founded on. 

About The Founder:

Taylor Katz, founder of Cultured & Craft Productions, got her start in craft with a National Franchise Craft Beer chain developing staff, opening franchise locations, and training new employees on all things beer.  She brings an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of ordering, supply, beer regulations, and distribution relationships as well as affective education practices.  As North Florida representative for an International Craft Brewery and its family of brands, Taylor was instrumental in expanding the awareness, acceptance and market penetration of six distinct craft breweries, including the launch and infiltration of a new brand throughout the state of Florida. She is well versed in the creation of food pairing menus for retail locations, full detail planning and activation of nationally marketed and publicized events, as well as distribution relationships, negotiations, and brand launch marketing. She saw a need for educated, well trained, promotional marketers and left the brewery to fill that need the right way.

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